About Us

Who are Saint Nails Ltd?

We're a new Gel Nail Polish brand based in London, with stock holding and distribution in the Midlands. A start up business but one which comes with some good experience in the sector, and a product which has been proven through an unprecedented lever of user testing.

Why haven't I heard of you before?

We started trading on the 8th August 2016. We really are very new. We're working really hard to make sure that you do hear about us in the future. You and everyone else too!

Why start a Gel Nail brand? Competitive market.

You're right. But we think we have a niche. We feel that there's two distinct 'ends' of the market. Premium (which is extremely expensive) and then the bottom end eBay type import product. (Which is super cheap). We know that both consumers and businesses need to control costs, but without resorting to products which carry a large risk. We aim to occupy the middle ground. We're closer to the price of the imports and closer to the quality (if not better) than the premium brands. We aim to give people another option. A fantastic product at a fair price. With a great range and super support.

So where are your products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in the Far East, but crucially, not only have we undergone a testing process which exceeds 20,000 units in the hands of both business and end users alike, but we also insure and warranty the products as a UK business. With a UK insurer. We stand by the product. We offer support, We warranty it's performance. Far East production doesn't always equate to bad. Many of you may be reading this on a Far Eastern produced mobile device. That's a great comparison. Apple designed the iPhone, and support it. But it's Asian produced. What we think matters is; who sell's it, who warranties it, how much thought and testing has gone into it and most critically, what support is offered. We have an amazing product. We stand by it. Try it.

How can you support Salons or businesses?

Do check out this page "Salons" but in principal it's simple. We'll do whatever we can. We know from experience that different businesses have different requirements but we'll aim to accommodate as many as we can. Precisely because we are such a young business we can be quick in responding to your needs. We also offer a supported price, priority customer service and first access to new products. We want to work with you. We care a lot about it. We're not a huge business with a jaded sales team and outsourced customer service. Everyone involved has got a significant stake in making it work. Making you successful. We want to grow with you. We think we can help improve both your customer satisfaction and profit margin. Try us.

How can we get in touch with you?

Our registered address is at the bottom of every page but the details are: Saint Nails Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, Reg No. 10278331 -The the best way is through the messenger on the site bottom right every page (It pings various phones and emails), alternatively drop us a line on sales@saintnails.com or give us a call on 0207 193 9857. The team work remotely mostly, so if we're unable to answer the phone then just leave a message and we'll get back to you.